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I'm fourteen and I know I'm really really unfit. I'm 51 kg (112 lbs) and about 5'3", and I have a BMI of 19.8, but I get tired all the time, I can't run or walk long distances, I even have trouble climbing flights of stairs. My diet is not too poor although I admit it could be better but it doesn't explain why my muscles seize up, I get headaches and I feel exhausted just a few seconds into walking or jogging. Oh, and I have dextrocardia, situs inversus, and implanted pacemaker and second degree heartblock.
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Your BMI is within normal range, and I would say that your heart problems are the cause of the symptoms you're having. You will get more tired than others your age with the conditions you have. That is normal for you. Make sure to get plenty of rest/sleep, and take things one at a time. Set up small goals to increase exercise and get stronger. Don't go all out, or you won't help yourself at all. Do a mix of cardio work outs and strength training. Good luck
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