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fractured eye orbit, help?

Hi i recently fractured the lower orbit of my left eye, my muscle was trapped in the fractured orbit and they had to free it,  its been about 8 weeks since and im still seeing double vision but its improving slowly, they used a special material that lets my orbit heal and then it dissolves, my eye is bulging out a little bit because there is a pool of blood behind my eye, and theres a little sagging going on, i know my eye itself will heal, but my face is numb from my eyebrow down to my upper lip and i was wondering if when my face regains its nerves , if my eye will more or less move upward along with the rest of my face?
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The only person who would be able to answer this question would be a neurologist, maybe the surgeon, if you had to have surgery. Make a follow-up appointment and ask this very good question.
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