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im 17 going on 18 in a month  and well my life is boring.I rarely go out because my parents are over protective and im the only girl in the family,I rarely have friends because I have trust problem (I suffer from physical abuse ) but the friends I have well they rarely  understand me.How I grew up around adults I always have a mature thinking way so doing teens things a weird for me.I send lots of time on the computer and for the lost is socializing I eat junk a lot and watch anime I even in my head I live in my own anime world to block out the boredom.And I finally realaise it when a boy who like me to me I should loosen up a bit ( I really like him too)  man I feel so shameful. I want to have more friends and go out more and I am thinking to leave home when I turn 19 because I cant take my parents not letting me have freedom.I try to talk to them but all they saying the place out there is too dangerous and ur my only girl child.I cant even go town on my own I have to go with my brother and thats hurt me plz help
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Pfft! My parents are exactly the same, I'm the only child in the family, and the ONLY girl. I feel a lot of pressure. My mother is very very protective. But my dad isn't so much. And it's okay to like anime! I like to live in my own little world sometimes and I eat a lot of junk food. Being a teen, is like being yourself, and whatever YOU like yourself. Not what others expect you to be like. Just do what you like and what you wanna do :) and as for the boy, well, if he likes you, he likes you for you! Boys don't like it if a girl changes, as they like the girl for how they found them :) I've never been allowed to sleepovers or anything :( which obviously got me rejected out of the friendship group straight away. But as you've found a (hopefully) nice guy, he could be someone you can trust and can confide it. My boyfriend is my best friend and I trust him with anything. I only have a couple of distant friends, and I'm only close with one. Just because you've not got 100s of friends doesn't mean you aren't normal!:)
It sounds like your parents need to learn to let go a little, and trust you with little things, and gradually getting bigger. I was NEVER allowed a boyfriend, and this is the first one my parents knew about. And they love him! I just had to ease him in slowly, I recommend doing this as they'll get to know him and trust him to protect you instead of your brother having to babysit all the time.
If you want to go out, just say to them the exact place you'll be and what time you'll be home and what you'll be doing and who you're with. I do this with my parents and they trust me now. Say you'll text them every hour or text your brother every hour. Just try suggesting this to them and hopefully they'll be willing to try it xo
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Well, most families feel protective about their girl child. Also, some ethnic groups and cultures are more protective than others. I am not sure whether the family became more protective after physical abuse, or you suffer physical abuse in their hands. If former is the case, then you can talk to a family friend or a school/college counselor and see if counseling them will help. If latter is the case, then you may need to inform a counselor or any other adult close to you or your family, and see what help you can get.
Take care!
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