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How can I get out of my depression and jelousy of my younger brother?

Hello. I have been trying to contain my emotions, but now it’s just getting to me. My brother has so, so so much more than me. I’m not talking about things, which he has more of. I’m talking about lifestyle here. He just has (gasp!) a real social life. Like going out to parties and having sleepovers. And all I have in regards to that is school and sleeping. Maybe one friend, who isn’t available all the time. And then there’s the driving, which you absolutely need where I live. I won’t be able to due to my vision impairment, even though literally everyone has a license by now, and he has 20/20. He also gets away with much more because of his sense of humor, and gets to do anything on the weekends as a freshman in high school, while I have to sit at home and work. Oh, and I actually just found out that my parents might be letting him fly alone, all the way to New York for 2 days to spend with his friends. He always mocks me and tries to be my third parent. It seems like my mom favors him over me and gets mad at me. I’ve tried talking to my dad but he says I’m playing the victim and doesn’t really understand. I’m just so lonely, and no one in my family can help me get out of this because they don’t understand. I’m thinking there may be no hope until I (might) move out in a few years. Please help. Thanks.
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You are not alone, I'm in my 30s now but had a pretty rough life and hated HS.  I was awkward and had pretty much no friends and jealousy over those who I thought were popular and confident. It's hard when you think no one understand but I can assure you that you're not alone.  These are hard years and there's so much new things occuring in life and with your peers, it's understandable to be jealous.  Try to look at yourself and pick out things that you are proud of, take up a new hobby maybe something that requires you to interact with new people. Sometimes you just need growth and it's never easy but I think finding people who will see the amazing qualities in you is what you need. Don't compare yourself to others, there's no point as there's always going to be people who are better at something and worse than you.  Embrace you and know that this is a phase and it will pass. Siblings are just jerks sometimes but they get better too.
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