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I just go from one thing to the next...

Alright, my name's Nanai and I'm a 14 year old girl. Basically, my problem is that I'll deal with one issue, then after I've overcome that, I'll move on to something else. Like, first I was dealing with depression around Christmas last year, then around February I started questioning my sexuality... After that I started cutting, and it took me until June to quit. Now I have a problem with anorexia.

Is this normal for someone my age? Or does it have to do with depression? Is it boredom or a need for attention?

Any help is very much appreciated. :)
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It's normal for teenage girls to be depressed and to question ones sexuality but if you are cutting and have a problem with eating, you might have a problem dear. I could say this is a phase but it could be a serious issue. What you could do is talk to your family about your depression or go to talk to a professional. Hope this helps =]
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I'm very proud of you that you are aware and will to talk about what is bothering you and your concerns.... something is not right and you seem to have a lot going on. Maybe you might want to talk with your mom or teacher on what is really bothering you deep down inside. There is help out there, but you need to seek the proper help...talk with an adult that you trust, so that you can get the appropriate help that you need.
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Its probably depression but only you would know. It depends how you feel. Just let me say that life is hard and it will bring alot of issuses and its how you deal with it witch makes it count. There is this saying I like saying. "Your only given this life because your strong enough to live it". Hang in there and if you think if need help talk to some one you trust or you could take counseling its very helpfull.
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