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Is it normal for me to want to be admittd into an insane asylum?

Is it normal for a 13 year old girl to not sleep, feel sick all the time, and want to me admitted into an insane asylum at all costs? also one more question is normal for me to want to be a boy ever since I was about 3 or 4?
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Losing sleep can be a sign of depression but also other psychiatric disabilities. Only a psychiatrist could provide a specific diagnosis. Gender identity issues may just be part of how a person is or they can be psychological issues. That could be discussed with a talk therapist. If you have concerns that you would need to go to the hospital it would be worthwhile to discuss this with a psychiatrist. You could speak to a counselor and there most probably is a school psychiatrist as well and they could help provide a further referral from there.
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Also gender identity issues could be caused by psychosis itself but I'm not sure if you have psychosis or not with the information you provided.
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yeah but gender isn't really my issue her it really more of the I want to admitted into an insane asylum thing...
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Hi sakura,
Do you have any ideas as to why you're not sleeping  and as to why you feel sick ?
We all need sleep in order to function throughout the day and you may not be thinking clearly if you're not getting the amount of sleep you need which could cause you to want to be admitted to an asylum as well as feeling sick.
Can you speak about this with either one of your parents and  if not then try your school counselor or perhaps there is another older family member you feel comfortable with.  I wouldn't worry about the boy thing since you were very young either; you have a good memory.  You're at a very trying age; you're only 13 years old and going through alot right now I'm sure.  
Sleep deprivation will interfere with your mind and body functioning.
Try talking with someone you're comfortable with about this and try to sleep in the meantime; see if there's a difference in the way you feel.  
Take Care of Yourself.
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