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Sports team disbanded

I've been a member of my rugby team since I was 8, it fought obesity,anger issues, depression, confidence issues and gave me my first 'proper' friends.It has given me everything, and I've given it everything. I centred my life about bettering myself; working out and running all the time until I was known for my fitness and confidence. i did it all for rugby, for my team. now I'm 16 and team members have left one of our coaches is leaving, and all of the players who have talent have left apart from a select few of us holding it up. Now the team disbanding is on the horizon and I have no idea how to deal with it, its been my life, it has pulled me through so much and now it might be over. for the first time in years i just sat on my bed before sleep and cried, i never even cried at things like my parents divorce, but I have no clue how to deal with this.
by no means is sport going to be my career when i'm older which i am aware of, I am already well set up for studying medicine, but I don't know how ill be able to handle myself without rugby.
sorry for the massive write-up and i know this issue may pale in comparison to others, but this is something I don't have any clue with how to deal with.
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Also one of my friends suggested I think about joining a rugby team from a nearby town, which instantly resulted in me shouting in her face, which I know she didn't deserve and is highly unusual of me, thankfully she understands and has layed off, but i am upset as i have a close relationship with her and it was bad of me to do that.
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Hi there,

Honestly do what makes you happy. I know this sounds like the typical thing to say but it's true.

Ever thought about playing another sport? You sound like you have the dedication to succeed at any of them.

Hope this reaches you
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