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What do i do if my friend told me that she is going to kill herself?

She has a sick friend, and they are very close to each other. The doctors said that her friend has only a year left.(he is not in the hospital yet) She is depressed and worried. She also told me that she wouldnt be able to handle if one of her close friends died, and if that happens, she will "follow them and become a little ghost".  If she keeps thinking about this, eventually i might not be able to help. so i want to help her in no time, but not sure how. Maybe i need to change her mind, but she is really stubborn, and im also not the best with words.. What do you think i should do? (I already told her that she can tell me anything and i mean that, thats why she told me about this. i am the only one who knows it..)
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Please tell her parents, or a school counselor, or an adult you trust.  Your friend needs mental health help before it is too late.  She may be mad at you for awhile for telling on her, but isn't that better than her being dead?  Better to have an angry friend who is alive and hopefully, more mentally healthy.  
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Listen to her. Some things can't be fixed. For those things, the listening itself is the cure. She needs to tell someone how bad she feels. When you've listened, and heard her, and she knows she has been heard, that is the cure right there.

After she has had a chance to fully tell you her feelings, then you can tell her your feelings. E.g. "I feel scated when you say you want to kill yourself, because i really like you and care about you, and i would feel devastated."

You may also ask a councelor, school counselor, church pastor, anyone who's in the business of helping people, if they can help you furthet with this type of listening.

There's also a book titled "Non-violent Communication" by Marshal Rosenberg which covers this topic in depth. (Lousy title. I'd title it Compassionate Communication". )

And a counselor or other person can help you express your own feelings about the situation. We take care of ourselves and our emotional needs, so that we in turn will then be able to care for othets.
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