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Can I Be Pregnant!!!

I'm 17 years old and I think I might be pregnant!!!............Ok my last period was around March 25 and it went off around April 4th....I had sex on April 11th and we did use a condom.......but it broke.......and its now June 25th and I have had all of the symptoms of being pregnant....morning sickness, tender breast, and others......I have took home pregnancy tests and they were negative.........went to the doctor they did a pregnancy test it was negative.....they did a blood test and it was negative........but i still have seen no sign of my period and my friend told me she didnt know she was pregnant until the 3rd month....and I just want to know if you think im pregnant or not?!!?!?!!?!

Thank You For Your Response!!
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blood tests are very accurate i would say your not pregnant. use bc
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you had a 11 day period???? that seems odd
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I doubt your pregnant that was alot of test that have been coming back negative and a blood test is the most accurate! So I would say all signs point to no!
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I also forgot that two of the HPT that i took were positive
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Did you take the pregnancy tests before or after you went to the doctor?
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this whole things seems off. you said you had negative hpts, negative test by the doctor and then another negative blood test. a postive hpt is not something you would forget to mention

however a blood test would have told you for sure
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I took it before i went to the doctor....... well like i said i took alot of HPTs ( i was typing fast at the moment and forgot to put it in) and some of them said that i was and some said that i wasnt.....ok i took the first one and it said that i wasnt so i waited a while then took the other one (like some days) and it said that i was.....so my aunt brought some and one of them was positive and the other ones were negative...but since i had more negative so i jus said negative....
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Also my doctor called me today and said that it showed a low sign of hcg or what whatever its called....but its not enough to actually diagnose that im pregnant...so he want me to come back and do some other kind of test......and I am gettin bigger like my navel is coming out but not that much
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Well I defiently would not know what to think but I would still go with the negative because the blood test never lies plus if your belly button is starting to come out then that would mean your a couple of months and if that did not show up on a blood test then I would says all signs point to no!
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O ok.....thanx alot!!!!
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Hello, This is is my first post but this caught my attention. More often that not womens menstrual cycles are greatly effected by stress. It sounds to me that you are very worried because you have gone through the trouble of taking all these tests. I work in a hospital and blood tests are almost 99.9% effective. Those tests are done by blood for a reason.
A quantitative blood test, usually called a beta human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test, measures the exact units of hCG in the blood. That means it will detect even the most minimal level. There is another type of blood test sometimes called a qualitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test. This is a test that simply gives a yes or no answer to whether you are pregnant. I reccommend you go to this web site to cure your curiosity and good luck!

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Okay, you're not making any sense.

First you say that you're getting all negatives, then when someone replies to your post and they say that is sounds like you're not, you go ahead n say, "Oh, but this one test was positive..." or "My doctor called me and said that it was a low sign of hcg..."

No no.

HPT's aren't always correct.
I wouldn't believe them if my life depended on them.
That's when my fiance's mom ended up talking me into taking one when I found I was pregnant 6 1/2 months ago, I ended up going for a blood test anyways cuz I wouldn't believe it.

Those blood tests they do at the doc's don't lie.
It shows the EXACT hcg levels in your blood, and if it's over the minimum number, then the doctor will tell you that you're pregnant because only a pregnancy and  another type of hormone, I forget what it's called, can raise those hcg levels.

And I have NO CLUE where you got that whole "My navel is poking out" bullsh*t, because that is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard for being a "Pregnancy Symptom." seriously.

Most women's belly buttons don't start to pop out till they're WELL INTO their pregnancy.
I'm approaching 7 months and mine has YET to pop out.

So I dunno where you got that from.

You teens need to start using some sort of BIRTH CONTROL METHOD because I'm just about sick of seeing girls 15, 16, 17 years old, "I THINK I'M PREGNANT! YAY!!!"


That's NOT a good thing.

I'm going on 19 here and this baby has already f*cked my life up royally, and put me and my fiance through hell... which is funny cuz she's not even HERE yet.

I can't imagine what a baby would do to someone YOUNGER than myself.

I'm sorry if I'm being blunt, but this topic is still hot on my tongue because my sister keeps trying to pull this sh*t with me and my family and you have NO IDEA how much fire that puts under my a$$.
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Ok to start off you aint too much older than me im bout to turn 18 and WOW your not that much older than me....ok and i am not saying that being pregnant is a good thing....personally its a blessing....see most females would say they arent ready for a child......see if i got my own stuff own job and out of school.....i aint saying that is a good thing...if i am pregnant than its me being pregnant...personally at the time i was asking just to see what everybody else think of it i didnt ask for your family history...but anyway Just to let you and everybody else know....I AM PREGNANT THE DOCTOR TOLD ME.... I AM 2 MONTHS AND 3 WEEKS
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I dont think Riot_Queen was trying to insult you.. Like she said there are a lot of 16, 17, and 18 year olds coming on this forum with the "am I pregnant?" question and bluntly I think everyone here gets sick of answering their question with what they think (which is usually NO) and having them shoot back with another "symptom of pregnancy" as if we are just telling them they arent pregnant because we dont want to deal with them.. Im sure she didnt mean to be mean about it, but if you read a few of the "Am I pregnant?" questions in the forum you will understand.  Good luck with your pregnancy.
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I dont think Riot_Queen was wrong shes a very very sweet person and she is only telling you the truth. Most young women think being pregnant is a good thing as if its cute or something but when the baby gets here they see how hard it acutally is then leave their parents to do the raising. Diamond baby your still a child yourself. I don't understand why your out having sex at your age in the first place. And honestly I don't think your PREGNANT! The whole thing just seems so fake and unreal. Maybe you should find something better to do with your time!
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good luck with your pregnancy! i know how confusing some symptoms and tests can be. did the doctor ever tell you the reason for the negative blood test? that would be worrying to me...
also, let me suggest meditation to you. lol it will help with stress. i try to remember sometimes that at the core of every person are the best of intentions.
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Well everybody is open to their suggestions.....but thats whats up though......and i will find something else to do with my time.....THANK YALL FOR YALL THOUGHTS....AND TO Riot_Queen Thank You For Your Time!!! And personally I understand that its alot of people that is doing that but I was jus tryin it out to see what people think......and I think if im old enough to have sex.....if i kno the outcome of the whole thing (getting pregnant, and all the STD's and the other stuff)....and i dont think that other people that sayin that im too young to have sex im pretty much sure that yall did it too!!!
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and if your tired of answering the questions then dont answer them!!!
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you said you had a blood test done at the doctors and it was negative. not its positive. how do you they know your almost 3 months pg
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o btw if your last lmp is march 25 your almost 14 weeks pregnant, and in your second trimester

so you woudlnt be "2 MONTHS AND 3 WEEKS" pregnant you would be 3 1/2 MONTHS PREGNAT about
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See that was actually a estimation cause it was a while back
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Well I'm sure some of the other ladies on here can back me up on this one.
Every girl your age come around these parts asking the same question, and then get defensive if we don't agree and throw an attack of pregnancy symptoms at all of us, then keep going on and on about it.

Then, like you're doing now, get defensive and rude towards everyone else.

I dunno why you're getting all defensive about what I said about your age.
I clearly stated that I'm turning 19, I'm technically an adult, and a baby even f*cked up MY life so far... you only still being a MINOR- whether your think it or not, is still a problem.

You came to us saying you had all these negatives.

Then we said no, we didn't think you were pregnant.

Then you're all like, "Well I did get this one positive test... oh and the doctor said that he doesn't know because I had low hcg levels."

I've never heard of such a case where a blood test gave a false reading.
They're 99.9% effective.

And like Kim1989 said, if you had it done with a negative result. And now it's positive, where did the being almost 3 months pregnant come in???

If you had periods, false hpt's, false BLOOD test... you are either lying to us just to cover yourself up, or you JUST fell pregnant.
Because if you're almost 3 months pregnant, your hcg levels should be at a certain number, and if you weren't at that the other day, then you're pullin sh*t out your a$$ girl.
Sorry to say.

I never said anything in my last post to be "Rude." I simply being truthful aka giving your my HONEST OPINION. That's what this site is for.

And yes, I admitt now I am a little irritated with your response because it was uncalled for, but if you come on here for opinions, you're gunna come across a few that AREN'T gunna be what you wanna hear. Period. Just shows your maturity level.

And you know what, I don't care if this p*sses you off because what you said was plain rude. I don't believe you. K?

Just cuz you got "Yah own stuff" or whatever- DON'T mean you're ready.

I thought it wasn't gunna be so bad when I found out I was... I was COMPLETELY WRONG.

My fiance has a steady job, we have a steady home, our family is supportive... THAT AIN'T ENOUGH.

So whatever.
You're pregnant, you're pregnant.
You're not, you're not.

I'm not gunna tell you to use b/c next time cuz you, and all the other teens on here aren't here to listen. Y'all just want us to tell them what they wanna hear.

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Ok, i kno that they come on here sayin stuff like that and they should expect to get negative feed back.....true true enough....but my whole thing is how u gone try to come at me sayin im too young and personally your too young yo self and thats whats hood....real talk and i aint never said that i was able to do it i said that if im out of school and kno the procedures of having sex and its outcome then thats me...and i do understand where u and everybody else comin from...i aint come on here to start no kind of drama or whatever the hell u wanna call it...but i aint said nothin to u out the way in no kind of way i was jus respondin to what u had to say and thats real talk....but any other way.........jus to let yall kno i aint being mean or nothin thats jus how i respond....if u get offended then im sorry thats jus life you either love it or hate it .....and im takin the advice from the people by sayin i should get on birth control and yea its a good thing to get on birth control....and i aint compared to nan none of them other young girls....so take it how u wanna take it cause i didnt say nothin out the way to you or nobody else on here...............
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Riot_Queen- so far you have said twice that this baby ****** up you life so far. you sound VERY hostile against this poor baby. maybe its the hormones i dont kno. but i really hate to hear that. no1 asked you to have her. im glad you are beacause im against abortions but maybe you should look into adoption if shes ****** up your life so far and isnt even here yet. i just hate hearing how much hostility you have towards her so far : (

diamond_Baby09- WOW you went straight "HOOD" in that last post. you were so polite and spoke with such grammer up until that last post.
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