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Is my gf pregnant? Please answer me

Hi, my gf has PCOS and recently taking progesterone-only capsules(Heragest) starting every 16th day of the month and takes it for 10 straight days. She had her period last Novemeber on the 25th day, December on 26th, January on 27th day and February on 28th day. We were never involved in sexual intercourse (putting penis inside the vagina). We only had oral sex, dry humps( with clothes) and fingering. We did this 3 times on the day 6-15. The only thing that I was paranoid is that the last time we did was a blowjob and I washed my penis after and my hand was exposed to semen, after that I flushed it and there was this thing I was holding on to and there was water in it. After an hour, I came back and accidentally touched it again, and I fingered her. She was supposed to get her period on the 28th day but she is 5 days late now. She is currently experiencing cramps since day 28, acne, her breasts hurts if touched and also the nipples are sensitive but did not get bigger and darker(she said it was growing and is normal for her as she's a late bloomer) cravings for sweets and salty foods, moodswings and her discharge is still continuing to decrease. She said, her discharge was yellow and gets smaller and thick everyday. Before that, her pattern in her cervical mucus during her cycle is Period>Dry>White>Yellow(Thick and increasing) >Yellow(Thick and decreasing)>White>Yellow(Today and still continue to decrease). Is my GF pregnant? There was no intercourse but only oral sex, fingering and dry humping. She did not ovulate for the past 4 months including now. She did not encounter the EWCM fluid. Please help me!
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She was also stressed last week. To be more specific, school work, reports, emotional problems, family problems, our relationship problems and more.
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Your girlfriend CANNOT get pregnant in this manner.  PCOS causes a lot of issues with a woman's menstrual cycle, and with mood regulation.  She needs to see a doctor about her PCOS and her symptoms, but she is most assuredly not pregnant.
Just one question, why is my gf experiencing these symptoms? Are these a sign of an upcoming period or a complication?
No one apart from a doctor can give you (or her) that answer.
In what way can you say that she's not pregnant? I kinda need a clear understanding about what you mean
Here's an update. 8 days late and yesterday was the last day she experienced those symptoms and suddenly disappeared today. Her breast pain, cravings, light cramps, acne and moodswings was gone today. I wonder what's this? Please help?
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Women get pregnant when you put a penis in the vagina.  Sperm is smart but needs direction.  You can not get pregnant from the activity you describe.  That just doesn't happen.  So, pregnancy is not a risk here and that you can stop worrying about,

PCOS and women just even without PCOS have hormones and hormonal imbalance or fluctuations that lead to all of the symptoms you describe she has.  SHE needs to take control of her own health and see a doctor but she's not pregnant.  Being late and irregular is very common with PCOS.
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