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Is my gf pregnant?

Hi, my gf had her period on December 4. She has PCOS and she takes Progesterone so she can get her period. On December 4, day of her period. We dry humped (with her clothes on and me naked) i rubbed my thing over her and of course she has pantyliner. On December 9, her period stopped and we dry humped again and she gave ** to me. I'm worried if some of her saliva or precum got into my hands cuz I rubbed her vag(no fingering). On December 16, we did the same thing again. I can remember that I lowered my briefs and shorts for her to ** me and worried again if I had precum or sperm in my hands cuz I touched her dry vag for no more than 5 seconds.

She started taking Progesterone at December 19 until 28.

On December 28, we dry humped again and we did oral sex and 69, twice. I came in her mouth and after that she spit it and gargled once then we ate lunch (hamburger and little bit of coke) after an hour, we smooched and we did a 69 again. I'm worried if sperms were present in her mouth then transferred to my mouth during the kiss and mouth to her vag. After doing those, she experienced light cramping for a short time and her usual PMS symptoms (moodswings, cravings for sweets and salty foods, acne, tender and sensitive breasts). On December 29, we did dry humps after I ejaculated. I think my brief was kinda moist but not damp due to her saliva during **. She had her panties on and me on briefs. I'm sure my penis was pointed downwards so that she could only hump the other side and not directly to my penis hole.

After that day, she experienced mild cramps again and was gone after awhile.
Her cramps were on and off, and she described it like its intensity was increasing as days were passing by and just yesterday, she had a discharge which is brown. She described it as dried blood on her panty liner after she experienced some near to period cramping. The blood was bigger than a usual spot. We thought it was continuous but it stopped. She has no cramps since yesterday (after bleeding that dried on her pantyliner) and no bleeding yet.

And yeah, her stress worsened after December 20 because she wasn't able to get some enough sleep. She wakes up early in the morning and sleeps only for about 1-3 hours and returns to sleep on 7am or 8am in the morning. Recently she has been so emotional due to her problems and her dog getting sick.

What does this mean? Is she pregnant or not? Is it possible to get pregnant on the activities that I've described? There were no insertion of fingers, and penis. I just rubbed, dry humped and ate her.
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Your girlfriend is most certainly NOT pregnant.  Women get pregnant when a man puts his penis inside a woman's vagina, and neither the woman nor the man is using birth control.  Pregnancy can happen with pre-cum in this situation, but most commonly occurs when the man ejaculates.

You are not going to get a woman pregnant by humping, handjobs, fingering, oral sex, or ANY other activity you can think of.
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Does that mean that we're safe? How about that brown discharge she experienced yesterday? I really thought it's implantation bleeding but its day 34 of her cycle. She said it's blood and cramps stopped and didn't come back. We're hoping it would return today.
To repeat, your girlfriend is NOT pregnant.  She should see a doctor if she's concerned about her cycle.
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