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Is pregnancy possible? Pls help

Hi, my gf ovulated last Sunday since she told me she had some watery and clear discharge and on Monday it turned to white and dry. It was her first ovulation after 5 months since she has PCOS. We had some sexual encounters on Saturday (day before ovulation), we don't do intercourse. I remember we dry humped and after dry humping I kinda kissed her pants, underneath is the vagina, was just teasing her. Then I drank water, after about 20 minutes of rest, we made out, I performed cunnilingus on her and after she was satisfied, she gave me a head. There are things that I wanted to ask.
I'm kinda worried if there were sperm in her pants where I touched or kissed then I ate her. Also if sperm can pass through clothing. And if some sperm in mouth or in my hands when she rubbed thing with my pants on, then to her vagina. I didn't cum tho not until she gave me a head. (I wore my clothes all the time and just removed it when she gave me a head, in the last part of the scenario). And yeah, I know my pants weren't wet or saturated with precum or sperm. Just my head is going crazy cuz I'm really anxious.

Is pregnancy possible in the scenario?
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No, she's not pregnant. You should be careful though because sperm can live outside of the body for a few minutes so don't rub against her vagina before or after you've had an orgasm.
The only way to know for sure when a woman ovulates is to use an ovulation kit for several months. For some women it can be i the middle of their cycle and for other women it can happen a day before or a day after their period. So, I would suggest she either get on birth control or buy condoms, keep them with you and use them every single time. Even if you two are just dry humping. This should take away your fears and anxiety.
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No, sperm don't migrate through clothing and make their way into a woman's vagina, and then crawl up to the cervix.  It just doesn't work that way, or there would be a LOT more accidental pregnancies than there are.

If you did not put your penis into her vagina without a condom on, you can rule out pregnancy.
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