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Possible Pregnancy after a touch in vagina?

I just having worries, is their a possibility for my girlfriend to be pregnant from fingering? I mean, its not really fingering cause i have not put my finger INSIDE her. I just like touching the  outside part of her vagina, (i think its called vulva), and she forbids e to go inside her. We havent had sex (penetration). Also, I cant remember a moment where my finger has pre-*** or *** on it cause i dont touch her vagina after i ejaculate. Although i know that its highly unlikely, just wanna hear your thoughts about this.
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Fingering CANNOT cause pregnancy. Sexual intercourse would need to happen for pregnancy to occur.

Please educate yourself a little more on sex and all it entails as this how accidental pregnancies and STDs happen.
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Fingering after ejaculating may cause pregnancy also if you sperm on her leg close to vagina it can go in her vagina.
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^^^ This is incorrect. Sperm are fragile. You need to have unprotected vaginal sex to get pregnant. Nothing else will work. Abstinence only groups who profit off of a fear mongering curriculum like to lie to teens, telling them all sorts of things will cause pregnancy. To be clear, outside of in vitro fertilization, only vaginal sex can result in pregnancy.
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I agree - sperm on a finger, on a leg or anywhere but a vagina CANNOT cause pregnancy. The sperm cannot magically swim up your finger or leg and go into the vagina and up to an egg. Not possible.
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She had her period twice in a row already. So i guess she isnt pregnant. But just lately, i touched her once more, but pretty safe about it already. What im really pissed about is that my mind keeps ******* with myself. I keep on worrying about her being pregnent after that (which is impossible). But still id like to thank you guys for answering. Hope i can control my worries anytime soon.
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