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hello, 6 days ago, my boyfriend did a hand job. he proceeded to finger me afterwards. however, i wasn't sure if there was cum on his hands. he also only touched the side of his ****, but there may still be cum on the sides? im not sure? but what are the possibilities of me getting pregnant? im currently having thin clear discharge for 6 days already, and last night i had small cramp. my period is due on 8 sep. is this all because of stress? im very worried
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Your concern is understandable. It’s difficult to see how enough sperm could have entered your vagina in this scenario, but m ore importantly your encounter was quite a bit less than the 14 days before your next period and thus not in the fertile window. Run a home test next weekend, I am pretty sure it will be negative.
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i keep getting period like cramps after eating very cold or spicy foods. is it because of my period? or a pregnancy symptom?
You won't get pregnant this way. Really, it's unrealistic. Theoretical risk is not what happens in real life. A penis really needs to enter your vagina. transferring from hand to fingering you is unlikely. I would not worry. Worrying ends up being a reason why we are late. To clarify window periods, for MOST women, the window period is day 9 to 15 of their cycle. You track your cycle this way, day one is day one of your period, start counting on the that day. The last day before your next period starts is the last day of that cycle. An app doesn't track anything like hormones but simply does the math of averages. Your window period will begin a week from the day the math average based on cycle length says you'd likely ovulate. We only ovulate for about 24 hours. But we can get pregnant if sperm is released inside of us up to a week prior to ovulation. Your fingering is truly doubtful to have been timed right and isn't considered a risk for pregnancy. I'd not worry. Symptoms can be real or imagined and EARLY pregnancy have almost NONE for most women. Hormones have to build up enough for symptoms of pregnancy to start and that is why MOST symptoms begin around 6 weeks. No, cramps after spicy foods after eating at this point would not be related to pregnancy. Your imagination is about to run away with you due to anxiety. Don't let it. Pregnancy tests are accurate 2.5 weeks after the 'event'. I would expect yoru period before then but in my opinion, you wouldn't get pregnant from this situation.
I see, I understand now, I hope I can lessen my worries. But my breasts feel tender. And I don’t usually get this symptom when I am about to have my period. What could it mean?
can anyone help?
Take a pregnancy test if you are concerned.  My breasts always got tender before my period, so it could be that your symptoms are changing as you age.  Your pregnancy test will be negative, but it should relieve your anxiety.
I am unable to access to pregnancy test.  So I can stop worrying right? Since I know that its symptoms of period/stress, not pregnancy.
please help
You didn't get pregnant from this event, as several of us have advised you.  This is a medical forum, and we aren't able to help you manage your unrealistic anxiety.  But you did NOT get pregnant from this event.
Even with fingering with cum?
my period is late for 2 days. due to recent stress? or?
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