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i think i maybe pregnant

hi. im 14 years old and me and my boyfriend have been goin out for a year and 2 months and on june 13 my period came on and it last for 5 days and on my last day of my period june 17 me and my boyfriend had sex but we used a condom, but sometime while were having sex my the condom broke and we didnt know at all that it broke until we were done. and now im startin to feel a slight abdominal pain and i tend to feel a little nauses every now and then. could it be a possibly i may be pregnant????
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its a bit too early for pregnancy symptoms
you need to wait till your next period is due and take a test
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its probably in your head....RELAX stop stressing out or you going to make those feeling worse....but sandy is right its WAY to early to tell... its only been 5 days since you had sex and the condom broke so no way you could tell this early.....like sandy said  you need to wait till you next period and take a prego test..... and why are you having sexual relations at 14 missy??!?!?!?!?!?
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yes it is possible that you are pregnant. it is way too early for you to have any pregnancy symptoms. those don't set in until closer to 6-8 weeks. the only thing you're going to be able to do is to either go buy a pregnancy test yourself or ask your mom to. it would be wise to inform your parents of your situation so that they may make you an appointment with an ob/gyn to get you onto another form of b/c (condoms are not 100% effective as you have learned) so that you don't have another scare.
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how everyone keeps saying its to early to have symptoms..with my 1st son i found out i was prego at 6wks and i know i had the nausea feeling and stomach cramps and that was like almost 4wks before i found out i was prego..but the best thing to do is by a test and talk to ur family
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i agree with jasmine mom i no ppl who have early pregnancy symptoms :) but if your late for your period you can test on day 14
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you need to take a test.
my girlfriend was pregnant and she had the same pains.
you could very well be pregnant.
good luck! :)
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Hi. im 16 and i am pregnant. the best way to know for sure is wait until your period is due, and take a test. and if it is positive you need to make an appointment with your ob/gyn. and talk to your parents,trust me.
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