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please help, who has the greater chance of bein the father of my baby?

okay, so i had unprotected sex with my bf a few days before my period, i got it on june fifth, bt it was light and short,(i am also irregualar) a few weeks after a had unprotected sex with someone else, and when my period was due in july it nevr came and thats when i found i was pregnant. i am now 27weeks pregnant and my due date is march 9, 2011, but keeps moving up. i need some advise as to who has more of a possibility in being the father...thank u for your guy's time
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Unless you happened to have an early ultrasound (such as, around the 7th week of pregnancy), there is no way to reliably date conception at this point.  Babies grow at different rates, this is why your estimated due date is moving around.  If you were given an estimated date when you were much earlier along, it might be more accurate to pinpoint conception.  It sounds from the schedule of events that there is a slightly stronger likelihood of the baby being the other person's rather than your boyfriend's (since your period came after sex with the boyfriend, and you had the sex only a few days before the period was due, which is not the prime time to ovulate).  But if you have irregular periods, that makes things murkier.  A DNA test once the baby is born is the only way to know.
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i just looked at the calender and calculated twenty seven weeks back which gave me june twelth...im nt sure if i did that rite, but then again its not difficult...i know i had sex with the other guy june 19th but im not sure with my boyfriend, maybe around the 29th thru the first of june...
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hey, i had a the same problem when I found out I was pregnant. Its a horrible thing to have to worry about. I did tons of research on it & talked to my doctor and everyone about it. I finally dont have to worry anymore because I found out that my boyfriend is undeniably the father. So, I might be able to help. Im 20 weeks pregnant; due May 9th 2011 btw.
-First off, you have to figure out how long your cycles were before you got pregnant. The usual is 28 days & you would add 14 days to that to figure out what day you ovulated. But that doesnt mean that that is how long yours are, mine is 34 days long which made it possible for me to ovulate 21 days after the first day of my period. So you really have to find that out.
-If youre going by your doctors ultrasound measurements to know that youre 27 weeks (you have to pay attention to how many days too since yours are kind of close together like mine were) then you would add 14 days to whatever day that would be. Because being 27 weeks pregnant means that your last period started 27 weeks ago. Pregnancy begins 2 weeks before the day of conception.
-I got June 7th if you are 27 weeks & 0 days pregnant as of December 13th. Which means your last period started June 7th, then you add 14 days & get June 21st. So you ovulated on or close to June 21st. So who ever you had sex with June 18th-23nd is most likely the father. Because you can only get pregnant up to 24-48 hours after ovulation because the egg disintegrates if it doesn't get fertilized before then.

Going by that then its most likely the other guys but if youre 27 weeks & 6 days then theres more of a chance that its your boyfriends. So you really gotta look at that.

Hope I could help. If you dont know exactly what day you had sex with your boyfriend then you could go through myspace, facebook or text messages & hope that you can remember by reading messages between you guys or your status's. Thats what I had to do & found out I was with my boyfriend August 15th & 16th, I ovulated on August 17th & got with the other guy on August 23rd by going through every message I had. lol
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thank you very much, im actually 27 weeks and 3days as of today the fourteenth, when i count back it lands on june 12th nd my lmp was june fifth...im goin to go bak like u said because i kno i seen my bf in the end of may or first day of june but now i think i may have seen him after that
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Honestly, a paternity test is the best route to use versus trying to work out and remember dates. When paternity of a child is called into question the only fair thing to them and the father is to have one done.
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Your welcome. & I agree with Clysta... definitely get a paternity test when your babys born. Im going to just to reassure us both & so my boyfriend can feel a closer connection to our baby. But its a big relief to figure it out now & at least know what is more likely to come out on the paternity test. I couldnt stop worrying until I worked everything out. Just expect the worst & hope for the best though.
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