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please help!! i dont have anyone i know i can ask

i have never had sex. i am a virgin. but a few weeks ago i was fooling around with my boyfriend and he fingered me. because ive been told that you cant get pregnaunt without having sex i wasnt worried, but now im about 2 weeks late on my period, and im starting to freak out. is there ANY possible way i could be pregnaunt? even if he touched himself before? ive tried searching the web for ansewers, but im not getting a fur sure ansewer anywhere. please help, im so worried.

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dont think you need to worry about this, if your boyfriend didnt come in you or even insert himself in you theres no chance you can be pregnant
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Really doubt you are pregnant.  If you really want to put your mind at ease take a pregnancy test.  Maybe seeing the negative will help you be a little less stressed.  Also if you are really stressed about this it could be causing your period to be late.  It may not be a bad idea to call your doctor and let them know that you are late by 2 weeks because they may want to see you and just make sure your hormone levels are ok as well as your thyroid levels.  Also exercising or weight loss/gain can also cause your period to be irregular.  Take a test and make an appt with your doctor if your period is still a no show in a few days.  Good luck.
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most likely no. if he did have something on his hands before, unless it stayed wet the sperm would have died off. Have you taken a pregnancy test?
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I wouldn't stress out if i were you...stress can also delay the period.... i know this really wont help out becausei forgot what website i was on but it was a medical site and you can get prego if there is sperm on his fingers when he fingers you... i know it sounds crazy but it does happy... just don't stress it ma you will be fine.... good luck....and don't stress
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The chances of getting pregnant from sperm being on someone's hands is a 1 in a million chance. You're more than likely stressing yourself out by worrying about it, which in turn is delaying your period. If you're still young, it's not uncommon for your cycles to get messed up and delayed because your body is still working on regulating the hormones. There are a hundred different things that can change your cycle, and sometimes we are just late or miss for no reason at all.
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from what i know, forgive me if i'm wrong i'm only 16, you can't get pregnant from getting fingered or i would've gotten pregnant when i was like 13 or 14. i'm now 5w 5d prego and that happened by having sexual intercourse and he came inside of me. so don't stress about it because you're probably not prego. if you're that worried about it take a preg test or go to the doctor. honestly, i don't think you have to worry about it at all.
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What happened now? Im experiencing the same too.
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