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Girls it is highly unlikely you can get pregnant from oral sex (fingering, licking, **) you are fertile all the way through the month and so can get pregnant at any time although some points your more fertile than others. If you are scared that you might be pregnant wait until a week after you miss a period then take a test first thing in the morning as that's when its most accurate if it shows that you arnt pregnant then wait another week and test again it could be too early to tell if you keep getting negative tests and still havent come on your period its probably because you are stressing but go to the doctors just to get checked out incase. Lots of women have many different symptoms of being pregnant so asking how you should feel at that moment in time doesnt mean that you will feel the same as someone else who is pregnant. If you dont want a baby do not have unprotected sex and dont just rely on one form of contraception as they can fail, for all the girls please dont just have sex with anyone make sure you have thought it through anf use protection also makr sure it is your decision and dont get pressured into anything it needs to be up to you. I know we are all from different backgrounds and different parts of the world so we all have a different education. Im not trying to be rude just trying to educate the ones eho arnt so sure so that they dont get slated and upset from others writing rude comments on their posts. If any of you want any questions answering about anything please feel free to email me I personally dont mind answering any of your questions.
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You are not fertile every day of the month. It's true that many women do not know when they ovulate so that's why it's best to use protection every single time you have sex. Women ovulate one day of the month but sperm can live inside of the body for up to 5 days.
Thank you for posting this because many young women don't know much about protection and what it's really like to have a baby. It is the hardest job you will ever have.
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Women are not fertile every day of the month. That is completely false. A woman can only get pregnant around the time when she is ovulating. Ovulation only happens once a month but because most teens have irregular periods, the don't know when they may have ovulated. They also don't tend to track their period dates, which would be necessary to figure out ovulation.

Some of what you said is true and some of it is false, nice try though.
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