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Do I potentially have TMJ disorder?


I am currently 17 years old. I have experienced jaw locking and jaw clicking for over 8 months right now. It's only on my right side. If I remember correctly, it started in December of 2015. I don't remember my first encounter with such pain, but I remember it being very painful. I remember very well that when I would open my mouth, my jaw would lock. I had to open my mouth at its fullest to unlock my jaw. It clicked very frequently. It would lock for one day the disappear for a few days then resume. Then in January of 2016, my jaw locked and I was unable to unlock it. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get it back to normal. It finally did so later. A month or so ago, I once opened my mouth and my jaw quickly locked and unlocked very in a painful sharp. This type of pain isn't as frequent, though. I have difficulty opening my mouth, chewing, move my jaw, etc. I visited my nurse practitioner and told her about the situation. She said she could not do anything about it as my jaw would not lock or click when she examined my jaw.

My question is do I present TMJ symptoms and is it possible I may have it?
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