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my friend's baby boy is diagnosed as Thalassemia major.
is there any treatment to completely cure Thalassemia major?
please write me on: harshal_punit***@****
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No cure, it is a genetic/chronic disease, a form of anemia, that can occur in the major form when two carriers (persons with the minor or trait form) reproduce.  It can be managed with chelation treatments and a special diet (low iron).  Transfusions can be helpful, too.  In this disease the body can't process iron normally.  Too much iron in the system can cause a build up in the heart, liver and other organs that eventually is fatal. I have Beta Thalassemia minor and avoid iron supplements.  The minor form of Beta Thalassemia can cause anemia and fatigue when I'm sick, pregnant or have surgery and I've had transfusions.  It used to be that children with the major form of Thalassemia would not live beyond about 7, but modern treatments can extend life to middle age or beyond.
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I myself have thalssimia major it has been 15 years i have gone for regular transfuion but they is no cure.
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