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could tmj or tmd cause all of this

i am lightheaded all the time my jaw pops every time i open it i have a neck ache most of the time  and i got really bad headaches in the back of the head and i feel like i have to apply pressure on my teeth for it to feel better i have constant pressure on my sinuses and on the top of my jaw some times i here a beep sound in my ears i get wired pressure on the left side of my head and constant pressure behind my eyes

i had a dentist appoint a very long time ago and i remember the dentist saying that i need braces or im going to start developing problems i never got the braces and i had a mri of the head and neck and nothing showed my doctors dont know what could be causing it should i see my dentist again
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I am in the same position as you except a few symptoms are different.

You will need to seek out an interdisciplinary Dentist (neuromuscular dentistry) or an Oral Surgeon to confirm or rule out TMD. Most dentists are not able to diagnose and treat TMD, you will need to find one that is familiar with orofacial pain or otherwise specialized in TMD treatment.

Have your MRI sent to their office after an appointment is made. They may request a CT anyway, but it could save you money and unnecessary radiation.

If they decide improper bite causes your TMD, they may recommend that you visit an orthodontist for correction as well.
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