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Are my symptoms tmj related?

Hello Dear Community,
So about 2 months ago  started to get really really nauseous and dizzy at times with mild to severe headaches.
On top of that i had jaw pain on my right side constant jaw clicking/Grinding noises/ popping noises.
I get this tingling sensation all over my arms and my body and some of the times it seems like my arms get numb or start to hurt pretty bad.
I get eye pain and bloodshot eyes and it bothers me alot because it tends to originate from my jaw but I cant get any psychological relief because I feel like it has got to be something more severe than that.
I was at my gps office 3 times and at the ENT once did have a CT of my sinuses with a result coming in next week.

Oh and i forgot that i have  upper back pain and mini muscle spasm in my legs arms and my face(more close to my nose area)

I am sorry for my bad english im German hehe

Thanks so much and Greetings

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Any news about your condition? I have similar issues.
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