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Chronic nasal irritation and swelling

Following the onset of what we now know   to be Acoustic Shock Disorder (Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, ear fullness, ear pain) over 3 years ago, my GP prescribed Beconase nasal spray to attempt to treat the suspected Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and ear fullness.

Brief popping inside my nose on waking, started after commencing my months long course of Beconase nasal spray (2 squiffs twice a day) and persists up until now.

N.B.  I have since read that 1 in 10 patients who take steroid nasal spray can get nasal irritation and dryness (I think that includes after you stop taking it).

Then I had a nasoscopy (Summer 2012) to investigate a suspected polyp and the suspected Eustachian tube dysfunction.

This nasoscopy was very painful (pushing too hard {upper left side?} exerting pressure as the scope went through narrow turns in the passageways).

N.B.  Nasal discomfort/pain then started left side, intermittently, 3 days after this nasoscopy.

The pain was deep inside the left side of the nose.  It was sharp, stingy, prickly, scratchy, and also with a dull ache.

I had had no previous nasal symptoms.  No pain, no discomfort, no swelling.  Just the suspected nasal polyp and suspected Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Reported problem immediately and was checked by the ENT's Senior.  He saw a slightly deviated septum, a polyp and some crusting.

Another ENT after that, saw so much scar tissue he asked me if I'd had surgery!; he also saw scabbing, a polyp, an infection and swollen turbinate.

When I ask doctor's about the painful pressure during the nasoscopy and suggest damage of the nasal tissues, (mucous membrane) or blood vessels, they usually say 'tissue regenerates'.

So why does it still hurt and is now swollen?

I have since read that the turbinates are extremely delicate and easily damaged.

I also wonder if the nasoscope has infected me.  Another ENT said it was not 'really' an infection.

Sensitivity in the exact same location and time?:
It appears the hard pushing strenuous painful nasoscopy has triggered a sensitivity to airborne particles?

Nose tingling all of inside of nose.

A dry bony ache and sore stinging left side deep inside nose.  This can go from upper left gum through nostril to back of nose and down to back of top of throat.

The back of the nose feels swollen so that smiling is uncomfortable.

N.B.  So its as if the whole nose is tingling because of an irritant or allergen, but the left back upper side (where I felt pain during the nasoscopy) is where the pain is more stinging like a sore or a cut.

I use Sterimar Isotonic nasal spray.

I am sleeping downstairs to avoid mold upstairs.  Don't actually know if the mold is the problem.

Extraordinarily tired

Blue circles around eyes

Nose goes bluish colour in the middle of night.

Some perfumes and all vehicle fumes irritate now.

Last seen by ENT January 2015.  But I don't think they have seen exactly where the hard pushing nasoscopy hurt me.

They looked using a short rigid nasoscope for 1 minute.  The one that hurt me 3 years ago was a flexible nasoscope and was used for 6-7 minutes down to the vocal cords.

Nasal swelling, first on the upper wings and recently on the dorsal ridge, was visible 5 months after the painful nasoscopy.

I have now developed a dorsal hump.  But swelling at sides of nose seems a little less now since sleeping downstairs for the last 3 months.

But discomfort is worse.  Maybe outer nose now shrunk back onto swollen turbinate to explain this?

N.B.  The pain started intermittently following the painful procedure.  The pain is in the exact same place I felt pain during the procedure.

N.B.  The swelling is from the exact same place I felt the pain during the procedure.

N.B.  Moving away from home for couple of days REMOVES nose pain.

Decorator coming soon to remove the black and the orange mold from upstairs. He will use vinegar and separately liquid soap/tea tree oil combined.

Drinking coffee eating chocolate and air conditioning seems to reduce the nasal stinging, tingling and stuffiness.

Cold air increases nasal pain (from turbinates and mucous membrane in nasal cavity?).

Sterimar isotonic spray usually seems to help.  Sometimes it just changes the feeling though but discomfort still there.

N.B.  Using Sterimar too much can make 'crack' when opening left Eustachian tube, louder.

So I wonder what could be causing the chronic irritation and swelling?  My quality of life has altered significantly.
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Hi purr
You're right.  Should have explained I have TMD too.  Not in my notes above.  Too long as it is.

I have a chronic upper trapezius injury/stiff neck/TMD

Some say neck and TMD contribute to nasal symptoms.  I'm clutching at straws maybe as my nasal symptoms are irritation and swelling.

Thank you
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This is a TMJ/TMD forum...I think you might have better luck finding answers in the ear/nose/throat group...
Hope you can get this resolved!
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