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Is this really TMJ - Facial Paralysis?

9 days ago I had (and still have) a sore throat on the left side only.

7 days ago, I would get 2 second Level 10 shooting pains every hour stemming from what appeared to be nerves of the left inner ear shooting to the left top of my head.  I also have a light productive cough. And when I work out I start to feel nauseous. appetite has decrease.  

6 days ago the shooting pain expanded toward my throat and jawline. The shooting pain did go down to a level 7-8 but was now every few minutes and there was always a constant level 2 pain.  I went to my Internal Medicine Dr., he checked my ears (which were fine), and then felt the inner side of my mouth where it was tender and he said "You have TMJ, there is nothing you can do about it." I could open and close my mouth fine but did feel cracking along the joints. I used to grind my teeth so bad my husband thought I was going to eat him at night but I haven't did this in a year.

3 days ago the pain was a little lighter (level 5) so that with tylenol codine I could sleep at night. I'm still taking advil during the day every 4-6 hours. The pain is still there off and on but now I have a constant salt taste in my mouth coming directly from the left salivary gland.

1 day ago I went for my weekly chiropractic appointment and they said they treat TMJ so they gave me a facial alignment.

Today I wake up with less pain (level 3) but now the left side of my face is partially paralyzed! I blink my eyes and only the right one shuts. I smile and only the right side goes up. With concentration I can close my left eye and raise the left side of my mouth.

I called my dentist and he referred me to see the only person who deals with TMJ in my city. Next appt. is in 16 days.  Then I called my ENT (since I still have a sore throat and producing salt from the salivary gland), but the earliest is next week.

Questions: Is this something I should wait until next week to see a dr.  Is this really TMJ or something else?
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Systemic administratuion of corticosteroid and antiviral agent may yield optimal result of recovering from bell's palsy. Seeing a physician is advised.
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I went to the neurologist and yup...it was Bell's Palsy. I'm on predisone and an antiviral. Should be gone in two to 6 weeks.

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