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Left sided throat pain with Tmj. Is it TMJ related/ GERD related or...??

I'm very concerned. This week I've made many trips to Urgent Care, my Dentist and tonight the ER. This week I have been haveing terrible neck pain on the left side and left side pain in the back of my throat. The ER thinks it was related to GERD since I had a flare up today. I've had this pain for like 2 weeks though. And I have had it a lot in the past. It is only on the left side it feels like sometimes in my cheek but mainly in the back of my throat to the left. It burns and kinda stabs, hurts to swallow. Strep negative.

I ask this in Tmj because I've been struggling hard w TMD this year. Im constantly in pain on the left side of my face. Everything on my left side is a mess I guess. I do have bad anxiety. Tmj doesnt help w all the weird symptoms it seems to cause. This pain feels more internal. Does this sound like a typical GERD type thing? Like right now it feels like my ear is burning/ trobbing.Theres like this one spot that feels so painful/sensitive in the back of my throat..like an ulcer or something but the ER Doc said my throat looked fine from what she could see and feel. Thats good right? I worry a lot thinking that Im dying or something, I'm only 28, but have been a heavy smoker. This past year has revolved around drs appointments and I dont feel like Im getting anywhere..and its not so much the anxiety, Its more that Ive been in constant pain for a year and it wont go away or get better..just worse..So its hard to believe your healthy...

Anyways today They gave me Zantac because I don't do well with Prilosect, it makes my symptoms far worse.  I'm hoping this helps. I dont know how long it will help the throat pain and who to call a gastro or an ENT..

One more question. I also had an MRI (no contrast)done on my neck that came back fine. I should be happier about this but this just doesnt explain why im in so much pain. It seems like they were looking more at the spine but i told my neuro about a swollen lymph node I had for months so she ordered the neck MRI. Would that show the throat?
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