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Sharp Burning Pain while eating

Since I was little I would always get this sharp intense pain as soon as I put food in my mouth start to chew my food. Right as it touches my cheek inside my mouth I would get the pain. It's just an intense burning feeling that makes me cringe everytime it happens. It lasts for about 3 seconds and then goes away. The weird thing is, this only happens the first or second time I begin to eat. After that it doesn't happen anymore. It happens on both sides of my faces depending on which side the food goes in. The pain feels like it is in the nerves that originate right in front of my ear. Sometimes I can feel it slightly if I think about it and move my saliva around.

Does anyone know what this could be?
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I know this has been a while but I get the same thing
but for me it's not really a burning, it's more of a tingly feeling, like my nerves have just been zapped by electricity or something, and it only happens at the first bite and last just about as long as you said
I notice it most when I eat bread
and it happens A LOT for me
probably every or ever other day
it drives me nuts
I'll take a bite of something, ready for the savory taste and ZING!
I stop chewing and it's like a mini seizure in my mouth, my jaw locks up and I look like a crazy person
I would sure as heck like to know what in blue blazes goes on in there
everyone thinks I'm nuts when I try to explain it
I tried looking it up online, but all I get are people with a similar sensation but it's in the roof of the mouth instead...
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I am dying laughing as I’ve never heard anyone except my grandmother use the saying  “blue blazes”.    On a serious note, I’ve just developed this problem, and WOW Wheee.  
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I have this several times a year- sometimes several times a week then it subsides- mine was salivary glands. I took Naprosyn- also helped with the inflammation- the first time I got it as an adult I thought I might have mumps or something and was afraid to go to work (at an Elementary school) wondering if I was contagious but took Naprosyn and it cleared within 30 mins. I am not sure if this is always the way it should be handled, but I pushed on the gland- and yes it hurts- I massaged it as much as possible-the duct was blocked with a tiny calcium deposit and after 2 years it finally came out into my mouth- it sort of just squirts out...... well I HAD to see it- just looked like a tiny piece of bread crumb. Happens when I eat something sour, tangy, spicy, sometimes it doesn't happen for months again. My dentist never seemed to think it was a big deal but I remember reading that "sometimes" it indicates your molars need dental attention. And here I am about to go to a root canal specialist in an hour- I have a 15 year old root canal with pain in the bone- ugggh- and I take fairly good care of my teeth.
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At last!  Someone who can explain something I have wondered about since childhood.  I experience the exact same sharp burning sensation when I begin eating.  Please let me know if you have found anything else out about this.
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Could be several things.  TMD would certainly be on the list, as would an obstructed or partially occluded salivary gland duct.  I would lean to the latter, but it could be the former for sure.  If certain foods are worse, like a lemon drop or something that will profoundly stimulate saliva flow, that could be key in helping diagnose it.  Something you don't chew, but will stimulate saliva flow.  Try it and see, and reply if you wish.  Best wishes,
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