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Temporomandibular Joint Pain

When I was 16 I had my wisdom teeth removed (I'm 23 now). After the surgery, I had MANY issues with my jaw. At first I lost some mobility, it was stiff and I couldn't open my mouth all the way. Next, I when I opened my mouth, it would pop halfway through with a very loud popping noise and the joint (only on the left side) would pop outward. It could be heard across the room, seen, and felt. I was given a night guard to wear while sleeping, as my dentist thought the issue was due to grinding/clenching at night. The popping went away, and was replaced with stiffness and pain. I was in enough pain that I stopped wearing the night guard. The dentist sent me back to the surgeon and they gave me a prescription for Celebrex. The Celebrex worked, I could open my mouth all the way and pain free, but only if I kept on taking it. I can't afford that, being a student, so I settled for taking an Aleve whenever the pain gets worse. Now there seems to be a nodule in the hollow of my jaw, just below the TMJ (again, left side only)/ I have pointed this bump out to clinic doctors, and no one gives it any credibility. It's causing pain, and I wonder if it's something to worry about. Any advice helps, thanks in advance
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Hi Maggie, I too have the same thing your talking about! I have asked also and got dismissed each time. Did you ever find out what it is?
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