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tmj severe arm, hand pain and numbness

I'm experiencing lots and lots of pain in my tmj at the moment. It hurts so much that taking pain killers don't do a thing. I have a question for anyone that has experienced a similar thing. Did your tmj ever cause you very bad arm pain? It started with lots of pain in my left lower arm. Now the pain is in both my arms and hands and all my fingers. My arms feel tired, like I have been lifting heavy weights. Also, if I wake up in the middle of the night, both my arms will be completely numb, sore, and covered in pins and needles. This sensation begins from slightly under my shoulders down to my fingers. Could it be my tmj? Or could it be neurological? Also, does your thoracic spine affect sensation in your arms? Because MRIs of my cervical spine and brain are clear :)
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TMJ can and does cause all those issues...because the muscles lock into spasms and then pinch or constrict nerves causing all the tingling,pain, numbness...it's all connected!
Are you wearing a mouth guard? You might try yoga to stretch and relax the muscles...make sure you're not grinding or clenching your jaw in the day...at night that's harder...so you might need a muscle relaxer...it's a really misunderstood and under treated health issue in my opinion...I have had it for over 25 years and it's by trial and error I have gotten mine somewhat better...applying moist heat (heated rice pack) is really helpful...also massaging the jaw joints and neck muscles...well the whole body...try to manage your stress levels...hard but necessary with TMJ!
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I know this is an old post but no one replied so here goes

I have the exact same symptoms as you and have been seeing many gps for 8 months with no answers

Seen my dentist yesterday she seems to think I have tmj!!! So I'm hoping this is where all this is stemming from!

I have minimal pain in the left jaw side but I get this tingly tightening up my left cheek and under my eye and temple area - do you get this or heard of this?
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