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Please someone help Do i have testicular cancer?

I have been suffering of testicular pain and testicular lump since March. I have done Ultrasound and it showed nothing and i have done blood test for infection and it also, showed nothing. the lump now i largare than what it was on march and it is a hard lump. Both physical examiner and the ultrasound doctor could not detect the lump even though i can feel it and touch it. what is this? could Ultrasound fail to detect lumps???
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With the extensive medical examinations that you have received I am afraid that I really do not have any additional suggestions from a forum aspect. You can always seek additional opinions and discuss the embolization options with your urologist. Unfortunately, I have little knowledge of issues inside the scrotum beside testicular cancer. I am wishing you the best and hope that you find answers soon.
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A scrotal ultrasound is really the best test to look for possible masses that could be cancerous in the testicle. If your symptoms have not resolved or have gotten bigger since the original ultrasound then perhaps a second opinion would be appropriate. I suppose they could also test for testicular cancer tumor markers but they are not always positive.
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thank you for your reply, be second opinion you mean do another ultrasound. also can ultrasound fail to detect cancerous masses sometimes? I forgot to mention i have varicacle today i started going to gym after i got back home the varicacle veins got swollen and very painful i cannot sleep i also feel pain in my legs. it seems that the lump i am mentioning changes in size with the varicalce the both get swollen or calm. Finally. how long can i wait before it become dangerous if it was a harmful mass because i had the lump since March and i been doing tests since then but it seems it is going to take another month or two to figure out what's wrong with me.
I would follow your physician's advice and get another scan in three months as you mentioned on the other post.
hello there here to update this post still having pain please check this more detailed post
Hi All,

I know this is a bit old thread but i wanted to make a new one because the old one is not active.


left testicle pain ( pain range between 2 to 8 out of 10 during the day)
lump on the left testicle itself( feels like it's coming from inside of the testicle a hard lump close to the tail of epididmis)
left leg pain
left buttock pain (painful 6 out of 10)
whole spine pain(uncomfortable)
feel pain everyday ( aching becomes very distracting during work)


I have left testicle varicecle (between 2 and 3 degree)
I have hydracle in both testicle
I been in pain for 7 months
caused high level of anxity
Antiboioties cause relief


Ultrasound for testies dignos varicecle
physical examination by 4 doctors
blood test
left varicecle with pain in left leg, lower back, and left buttock. the pain in my testicle is like aching pain does not go away i have it everyday and does not go worse day by day. it only get worse be the end of the day until i lay down.

been to tons of urologists no proper answers i got offered embolization they told me nothing else seems wrong. however, i am concerned about a lump on the left testicle a hard lump in the middle and bottom of the testicle closer to the right side of the testicle. no one was able to detect it by examination and the ultrasound shows the varicocle and hydrocle only.


is there a way to make sure that lump i can fell is 100% nothing to worry about?
Is the pain only caused varicocle?
should i do any more tests?
should i do the embolization?
I am really scared, in pain, and in very unstable mental state i cannot make disusions.

I am trying to go to chiropractor to fix my spine because my posture is too bad and might be causing all of the pain.

Thanks in advance please answer all questions and give me some advice and insight help me guys you are my last resort
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