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Testicular Cancer?

I am 19 years old and on the left side of my testicles(inside), i have a painless lumpy  wormy thing going on. near this, i can feel a little ball. I have been wondering what this could be for a couple of weeks. I am wondering what the lumpy thing  is... and i am hoping that the ball is just a cyst and not cancerous... any thoughts?
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Does it feel like its connected to the testicle? A testicular cancer lump will feel like a firm or hard lump that's directly connected to the testicle itself.  You would need to see a doctor (preferably a urologist) to make sure.  The best way to determine if its a cyst or not is with an  exam and an ultrasound.
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Yes please go and get an ultrasound. Don't wait or put it off. I recently went through this and it ended up to be cancer. Not to scare you or anyone but this stuff happens but the best thing to do is catch these things early.

Take good care of yourself.
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