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What does a remaining nodule signify after swelling goes away from my testicle?

Some time ago my right testicle started increasing in size. I ignored it for a while but the size continually increased till it was about the size of a tennis ball. When I showed it to a doctor he suggested some tests and then finally gave me some antibiotics. After the course of completion the swelling was gone and the testicle remained a bit bigger than the other. I noticed a small lump on the same testicle. In a course of about  2 months, another Nodule appeared just below the first one and progressively increased in size. I had some tests done, the tumor markers - AFP and BHCG are normal. I had an FNAC done which revealed a necrotizing granulomatous inflamation but when the sample was sent for AFB culture the resuls for myobacterial infection are negative. I still am facing frequent urges to urinate and discomfort in my groin area. Moreover I am unable to complete my bowels completely and I have flautence whenever I touch those nodules. I am unable to figure out what the cause is and what is the corresponding remedy. Any help would be highly appreciated!!
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