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aches in my left testicle and a hard small lump do i have cancer?

Hi everyone,
I been having aches mainly in my left testicle since 3 months ago (March) I thought i have some STD since i had sex with a  sex working in January. but my tests were all negative. I did self examination of my testicles and i noticed a lump on my left testicle i showed to to my sexual health clinic and hospital and informed my GP about it but all three told me to not worry about it and it's too small however, i manged to make my GP book an ultrasound scan. I went to the scan the doctor that did the scan showed me that the lump is not visable in the ultrasound test which means it's not cancer however, i have varicocele but also i been told it's not very large and no need to do anything about it. i got very busy during April and May and i could not continue investigating until now (June)  i went to the GP and they gave me a blood test to do and sent me again to sexual health clinic.
now i am waiting for results.
-Most of the time pain in testicle
-sometimes pain in legs and joints
-sometimes pain in lower stomach
-Always uncomfortable stomach
-small hard lump wired shape mostly painless but uncomfortable to touch.

NOTE:The testicle pain comes and goes when i lay down it seems to go away after a while. while i am sleeping i don't feel any problems.

I am really worried that i could have cancer as the lump still there on my left testicle also, i fear i could have cancer in other places such as my legs, bones or prostate that is causing the pain in testicles, legs, and joints.

Please advice me tell me what's wrong with me.
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If your symptoms have not resolved then perhaps getting a second opinion or follow up ultrasound is appropriate. You could also ask your doctor or a new one if a second ultrasound may help in case the varicocele could have possibly hidden the signs of any small masses.
i went to the doctor few days ago they told me to scan again in 3 month time
OK, I would follow their advice then.
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