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Low TSH, normal T-3, T-4 and WEIGHT GAIN

Hi - I have low TSH at .23 and two tests at .41.  I have within range on T-3 and T-4.  I seem to have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, including weight gain, depression, dry hair, thinning hair, hair breaking off, cold hands and feet, heavy weight in the middle, apathy, cognitive disorders: disorganization, word blocking, memory issues, fatigue,  I may be high copper and will pursue that.  In the meantime, I do think that this looks like hypothyroidism with secondary pituitary disorder.  My doctor just put me on the Elimination Diet to see if I am gluten intolerant and possibly have celiac disease.  Also, my cortisol was very low in the morning.  I now take 5 mg of Cortef and that works.  I do have more energy but not nearly as much as I need.  I also have sleep disorder if I do not take the Cortef and walk in the morning to get sun into my eyes and raise the cortisol.  There are days I cannot do that.  I hope you can help me.  Thanks, Jan
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Would recommend a general endocrine consultation to sort this out.  You have multiple nonspecific symptoms and nearly normal thyroid labs - secondary hypothyroidism is not likely if the T4 and T3 are normal in this setting.
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