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Metabolic syndrome

I have been taking medication over the years for bipolar disorder and I have recently been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.  I have taken thyroid tests and all of them have been normal with a heightened testosterone level.  What is the link between testosterone, metabolism, and insulin?  Does metrofomin have a lot to do with weight loss and metabolism and thyroid issues?
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Hypothyroidism may be more common in PCOS -- which is what you appear to have.  Testosterone production from the ovary is increased by insulin resistance.  Metabolism tends to be sluggish -- but not due to the thyroid.  Metformin usually induces 5-7 pound weight loss in these cases, but I have not dealt with this issue for many years so there may be more up to date data.  If thyroid levels normal, looks like thyroid is ok at this point.
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Okay, thank you
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