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My labs results before WBS

In October 2011, after my TT surgery on May 5, 2011 and my radiation in July my results were:
(October 28, 2011)

thyroglobulin quantative - 1.02

Anti Thyroglobulin Ab 1.78

HTSH Ultra third generation - 9,513 high

And today February 11.2012, my results before I go to the second WBS are:

Tsh 3th Generation in January 2012 was 0.036 low

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone-41,868

Quantative Thytoglobulin: 1.55

Anti Thyroglubin Ab 1.72

Anyone have any idea of what it means, because for me there is increase in Thyroglobulin, and I guess it should go down since July are only 6 months after radiation. On Monday I have the WBS because even 4 lymph nodes that I have now had 7. And according to my doctor of Nuclear Medicine cancer nodules are small but the cancer is aggressive. I just hope to have early diagnosis and begin treatment if necessary. I remain positive and I will continue taking the battle to be free of this disease.
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The thyroglobulin appears to be higher however the TSH is much higher now than it was last time, therefore an a relative sense, the thyroglobulin is actually lower when accounting for the TSH difference.  It is important also to have a good neck ultrasound as part of this evaluation.
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The only question I have Dr. Lupo If I came out clean of cancer in the WBS, my Tg is 1.55?
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Dr. Lupo thanks for your help. On the 14th of February, my doctor just confirmed that I had cancer of thyroid, and I have none, radiation delete it completely, is great news for me and my family. Now we just keep an eye every 6 months, the lymph nodes that I have not grow or change
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Let my fix the last question I just try to say why my Tg still in 1.55 because a lot person told me is suppose to be in 0. Is that true?
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