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Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid

Dear Doctor - I had a left hemithyroidectomy on 1.6.2011 followed by a completion thyroidectomy on 29.6.2011.
For your information I am 67 years old. My Left Hemithyroidectomy lobe measured 5x5x5 cm and
on completion Thyroidectomy where my right lobe measured 4.5x2.5x1.5 cm.
I was administered with Thyroxine Replacement Therapy 100 mcg daily. I got  for my Laboratory Test Results today 4.8.2011 which came out follows:-

- Biochemistry

Calcium              -         2.25 mmol/L
                          -         9.0   mg/dL


Thyroxine T4       -        93 nmol/L
T3                      -        1.11 ng/mL
                         -         0.72 ng/mL

TSH                   -         6.39 mIU/L

Parathyroid Hormone Intact (iPTH)   -    6.7 pmol/L

With the outcome of the above result, have I still have to go for the Radioactive Iodine Treatment (1-131) or can I just ignore it and just continue taking Thyroxine100 mcg daily (for life).With the above result.

Awaiting for your reply with anxiety.
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What was the TNM staging of the pathology specimen for the cancer???  This is what determines need for RAI.
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A related discussion, Tg & TgAb Tests After RAI was started.
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