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Thyroiditis cause thrombocytosis?

In Sept. 2005 had TSH 13.71, Free T4 7.3.was started on Levoxyl 50 mcg.  Had some enlargement and nodules of the thyroid.  Blood work also revealed elevation of platelets (568).  Referred to hematalogist and had a bone marrow biopsy in Dec. 2005.  The bone marrow biopsy was not conclusive for essential thrombocytosis.  The thyroid nodules grew and had FNA May 2006
The biopsy showed lymphocytic thryoidits, no cancer.  In May, TPO 1249,Antithyrogobulin Ab 291776.  Pathologist suggested an open biopsy of the thyroid to rule out lymphoma.  The platelets have gone up,this month 930,000.  Hematologist to start me on Hydrea to lower the platelets once they reach a million.
Was referred to an ENT, head and neck surgeon for the open biopsy and he deferred it for a couple of months and said I should just have my thyoid out since it was larger than it was in May.  Presently I am on Levoxyl 75 mcg.  Since the thrombocytosis is idiopathic and my antithyroid levels are so high...could this be the cause of my thrombocytosis?  I asked both the endocrinologist and the hematlogist this question  last year and the answer was no.  Now they are wondering????
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Is the TSH lower?  You have hashimotos - there is no clear link to platelet increase that I know of but it appears that you are developing ET and it may be auto-immune (not from Hashi but given that you have one auto-immune process you may be more likely to get another).
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Normally it is recommended to remove thyroid when nodules get bigger for its more susceptible to cancer with growth.

The cause of essential thrombocytosis is unknown.  Secondary thrombocytosis may develop as a result of, acute hemorrhage or infection , anemia, arthritis and other chronic inflammations, cancer, exercise, iron deficiency, medication (antithyroid), csteoporosis, removal of the spleen (splenectomy), polycythemia vera (a disorder affecting other red blood cells, as well as platelets), stress, or surgery.

Good Luck.
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In May 06 the TSH was 1.38, Free T4 1.06.  Thank you for your opinion.
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