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6mm tumor in rt lobe/thyroid w/fam hist of hashi/cancer

Fam hist of Hashi Hypo(Mom) Hyper(G-Ma) with Cancer.  Both cancers detected early with tumors no larger than 1.5mm after diagnosis. Mom had reoccurence of TC in 05 after being "C-Free" since 86.
I was diagnosed w/Hypo in 1/08 by a TSH blood test after years of suffering with unexplainable pain, fatigue, migraine headaches, my heart felt like it was racing at all times and I couldn't sleep for days at a time from the pain, etc. Just prior to my pg, I had an unexplained weight gain of 15lbs in 1.5mths and my usually PERFECT BP dropped dramatically fr 120/70-80 to 105/60-90&it dropped even further birth to a high of 60/40 (and that was with regular Epi to raise my BP).  
No one could/can explain my symptoms. I even went to see a shrink and was diagnosed with SEVERE axiety. I'm still sufferring even with doses of Levot that have been as high as 400mcg/day at one point in time (current dose 200mcg/day Levox 10mcg/day Cyto)&tried Arm 90mg/day in between the Levot/Levox with no changes in my condition.
THYGB AB:                    <20                 REFERENCE RANGE      <20 IU/mL
THY PEROXIDASE AB:   331H (high)      REFERENCE RANGE      <35 IU/mL
T4 FREE:                       1.2                  REFERENCE RANGE       0.8-1.8 ng/dl
T3 FREE:                       321                 REFERENCE RANGE       230-420 pg/dl
continues on another message.....
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It did not continue.
From what you posted....

The TSH is low -- so would lower dose of thyroid meds.
The blood pressure drop is not likely thyroid related in this case, but needs further evalution.  would test cortisol to exclude addison's.

The title mentioned a 6mm tumor --- usually these do not require I-131 unless the pathology contained suspicious features.
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apparently the question continues....
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