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after complete thyroidectomy what next

hi michelle here just letting u know i had a complete left thyroidectomy last week im on thyroxine now  i was wondering is my surgical dr finished with me now after my follow up i am very sore some infection might of started i also hemoraged and had to go back in a hour later last week he is a thyroid dr  as well he goes to sydney for work there too. i know ive got rai soonthey said it was a very large tumour 16mm quite wide 30 times 25 times 16 mm they said its follucar variant papilary carcinoma do i get scans every year from him for that or diferent hosp dr please let me know
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Usually the surgeon will see the patient a few times after surgery - so would follow-up iwth the surgeon about questions of infection, etc.  I am not sure how it is done in Sidney, but here we would start thyroid medication and then perform RAI with the assistance of thyrogen to prevent the need to stop thyroid medications.  The tumor size indicates the need for RAI.  Long-term follow-up can be done with the surgeon, or more commonly - the endocrinologist/thyroid specialist.  I hope that helps.
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hi michelle here thanks for thatyep that does help the surgeon was general surgeon but he says he deals with thyroids.
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