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Suspicious Thyroid US and Metaplastic Hurthle cells

I had a hoarse voice for 2 months and could feel something on the left when I swallowed. Cough or pressure to catch breath when lying prone if pressure just right. Palpable nodule on left. US said Dominant complex ill-defined nodule. FNA said moderately cellular with cytologically bland follicular epithelial cells in small clusters and groups. Scattered groups of metaplastic Hurthle cells present. Moderate watery colloid. No diagnostic features of classic papillary thyroid carcinoma are seen; a repetitive microfollicular pattern is not present. PCP just sent me an email saying "Benign thyroid nodule Cytology diagnosis is consistent with the imaging findings" She gave me no recommendations to follow up at all. I am confused since my understanding was that my US findings were highly suspicious for cancer and Hurthle cells are linked with a variant follicular cancer. Any thoughts?
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