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Good Morning/Good Evening!! (where ever you are!!)

Welcome to the Pub. What a conversation piece this photo is!! Definately can relate this one on thyroid treament hey??  

So what's everyone's thoughts here?.............. What going on?

(AR .... you may need to slip on a pair of these shoes tonite to play)   LOL just kidding buddy.

So how is eveyone's week ending? Mine has been non stop. I feel like   I'M   going to the prom!!!! ---- not my son.

I am flying around - dishing out money left and right............ for what????? ... I know ....I know....... his memories!!!!

AND......... my other son's digging into my wallet too!!! Geez....... when will it end.  (I'm pretty tight with cash - so this really stresses me out!!)

So LIVE - LOVE and LAUGH at the Pub tonite!!        I hope to sneek on once in a while.

Have fun my friends and please welcome all new comers. Can never have enough friends that can relate!!!   Right??

Here's a quote I found....

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died!"
- Erma Bombeck -

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Love that piccy!!! - have you ever heard a song that goes -


It is so funny - one of my girlfriends plays it to me all the time when we meet up coz we both LOVE shoes!  That pic made me think of it immediately.

I have had a take away curry and a glass of wine - friday night bliss!!!

Cheers to all from rainy Sussex
J x
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That's ME stepping on my Thyca!  Take that you little bastards :)
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Let's reread Shannon's post about STEPPING ON MY THYCA ... WTG SHANNON ... we won't look @ the other word or the Mod's will ***' it out .. shhhhhhhh

Tiaraless Tater on this one,

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I guess that is how to spell it? LADIES and GUYS TOO!!! I have had a good day I ahve nto stopped! I rean here and there and fed my horses and I have a bad problem YACKING ont he darn phone it connected to my head. I hate politics and I love facts! I got cancer and I thought it would feel like something but it feels like nothing! HA HA HA! I have a WEIRD dream last night I think it was a dream of a voice it said "The dead Man said Hi" OKAY?!!!!! What in the [email protected]#$. I am a nutt! HA HA. How are you all doing? MONDAY at the BIG HUNTSMAN CANCER INSTITUTE IN SLC UTAH!!! UTAH momma she is to good!!! I want her to move in thill this is over!!! WANT TO UTM??? Well it was a nice day here in UTAH!!! I want to ride so BAD!!!!!!!!!!! I still have mt TT 90% DEal so I am still limited to not do something stupid. KELDC, Chit CHat  NINE, UTAHMOMMA, aar-10, dscoochie WAVE AT YA HERE GOES (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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Hey all!  If those were my shoes there would be two dachshund puppies chewing them up.  :-(   Lost a few nice ones lately (shoes, not puppies).

RQ - If my weeks keep turning out like the last few I just might move right in.  Sad thing is, I've lived in Utah my entire life and never been on a horse.

I'm just enjoying what's left of the sun and playing with my dogs and potting up some more orchids that I couldn't get to last night (too dark after midnight - stupid sun).

Someone pour me a drink - maybe it will make me care less about the headache and my eye hurting.  It might even help the stomach stuff (well, okay it won't but I won't care as much).

AR - I've got some denim 4" high heels - if you pour me a drink I'll let you borrow them tonight.  ;->
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Love those shoes
But where's the booze?

(I'm secretly a poet)

is Utah in her spot behind the bar? I'm parched!

- viv
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