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Good Morning/Good Evening!! (where ever you are!!)

Welcome to the Pub. What a conversation piece this photo is!! Definately can relate this one on thyroid treament hey??  

So what's everyone's thoughts here?.............. What going on?

(AR .... you may need to slip on a pair of these shoes tonite to play)   LOL just kidding buddy.

So how is eveyone's week ending? Mine has been non stop. I feel like   I'M   going to the prom!!!! ---- not my son.

I am flying around - dishing out money left and right............ for what????? ... I know ....I know....... his memories!!!!

AND......... my other son's digging into my wallet too!!! Geez....... when will it end.  (I'm pretty tight with cash - so this really stresses me out!!)

So LIVE - LOVE and LAUGH at the Pub tonite!!        I hope to sneek on once in a while.

Have fun my friends and please welcome all new comers. Can never have enough friends that can relate!!!   Right??

Here's a quote I found....

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died!"
- Erma Bombeck -

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OH then CYBER drinking I will have a DOUBLE of WILD turkey!!! YUM!!!!  Not food for me since I am not in the mood. MIght follow it with a beer. Can you tell I am a COWGIRL???
HA HA NO DUI here!
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A double wild turkey and two Margaritas on the bar!.
(It's hard to squeeze two of those in a glass.)  
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Awesome!!!!!! GOING down nice nad smooth!!!! YUMMMMMMM. Feeling better already!
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WOW I feel a lil alone here at the Cyber bar! LOL.... I just had the worst bloody nose. (OKAY I POICKED IT) WOW!!! FLOWING like a stream! No moe picking my nse tonight!!!
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NO MORE Drinking for me I cannot spell. HA HA HA.. Just a loony lil soul in my own world. I need to get out my old rodeo videos so I can chew my self out.RQ
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Nah - we are all light weights.  Besides, I've been running in and out of the house between the yard and the computer (I have no life).

Drink up  -  sounds like you may need the fluids.  :-/

Last one here gets to lock up and I'm out here kids.   Yeah, my beanbag is up for grab (tonight only - I want it back next Friday)

Hugs all!

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