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¿ what do you know about Atrophic thyroiditis ?

Folks ¿ what do you know about Atrophic thyroiditis ? Is that I found too little on the web about this disease . I have high peroxidase antibodies , and small volume of the thyroid , with solid nodules .
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"Atrophic" is wasting, not inflammation.
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From what I've read, in Europe, Hashimoto's is most often referred to as Ord's Thyroiditis.
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Atrophic thyroiditis is just a fancy medical term for inflammation of the thyroid due to autoimmune Hashimoto disease.

You should benefit researching Hashimoto thyroiditis information and even possible Hashimoto thyroidtoxcosis information as well.

Good Luck
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No it does not mean inflammation
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Ord's thyroiditis was named after physician William Miller Ord (1834-1902) who first described this condition in 1877.  Ord's thyroiditis is also known under other synonyms: Ord's Disease, Atrophic thyroiditis, Autoimmune thyroiditis type 1B (euthyroidism), Autoimmune thyroiditis type 2B (hypothyroidism). German: Ord thyreoiditis.

Ord's thyroiditis results in progressive atrophy (wasting away) of the thyroid gland and over time causes hypothyroidism which generally progresses to complete thyroid failure.  Tissue changes in Ord's thyroiditis shows fibrosis and stunted cell growth.  The treatment for hypothyroidism due to Ord's thyroiditis is thyroid replacement therapy for life.  Ord's thyroiditis is more common in European countries.

Diagnostic criteria for Ord's thyroiditis:

* Decreased thyroid volume (normal volume: females - 15 to 18 mL; males - 20 to 25 mL)
* Ultrasound - hypoechogenic pattern
* Reduced technetium uptake in thyroid scintigraphy
* Positive thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) and/or thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb)
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