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Am I on the correct Cytomel/Armor dose I am so confused...

I am hypo. On Armor for many years now with occasional changes based on blood work. Started on Cytomel about a year ago and again gradually increased. Current dose of Cytomel 20mcg daily and Armor just decreased to 45mg daily. Did blood work because I was feeling hyper, palpitations, anxiety, irritable, fatigue. Current blood work:
TSH   0.01 (0.4-4)
Free T3  331 (230-420)
Free T4  0.62. (0.7-1.80)
Just changed Armor dose on Thursday only change was a drop 4 days a week from 60 to 45, was taking 45 other 3 days. Rational was when I crash I crash. Still hyper. Low TSH worries me, should it? Also reading about Cytomel in divided doses, should I be trying this? I am not a great sleeper anyways, take it usually 530-6am, could I do half then and other half 10 am? Any and all help would be so helpful. I have been lucky no issues for 7 years. Also had Covid 19 early April x3 weeks, fever, body aches, loss of smell etc. Could this have thrown it all off. Thank you all for any advice!
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There is much to discuss, but first I have  a question.   On the day of the blood draw for those tests, did you take your thyroid med  that morning?  How much did you take and how long before the blood draw?  Also, have you been tested for cortisol, Vitamin D. B12 and ferritin?
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