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An Invitation from Dr. Park

This is not directly a thyroid-related topic, but indirectly, it may affect many people in this community. Please join me tonight (3/17 at 8 PM Eastern) as I interview Dr. Mack Jones, a neurologist and sleep apnea sufferer, on the possible association between Alzheimer's and obstructive sleep apnea. He'll give some convincing reasons for this link that most doctors are unaware of. Dr. Jones will be discussing how this common sleep disorder is a likely cause of Alzheimer's and possibly a host of other neurologic conditions.

To register and receive the teleconference call in number, click http://www.westside-ent.com/teleseminarsignup.html

If you can't make it, register anyway and you'll get a link to the recording afterwards.
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Hi Dr. Park,

Thanks for stopping by .. this sounds like it was a great event and we'll be sure to take a look at the transcript!  I'm sorry I couldn't make it -- my son was at a workout for his next wrestling tournament - but keep us posted on more events!

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Waaaaah! I always miss these good events! Living in Australia on a different time zone makes it difficult! Is it possible to get the link published here so we can listen anyways?
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Sorry - Dr Park

I missed it too.

via me PM on these things and I can get the word out for you.

The sooner you know, the better.

Take care and we sooooooo appreciate you thinking of us!

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The link .. looking for the link to post ??????  Anybody have it ????

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