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Any ideas what type of growths occur in the neck, other than thyroid

My 39 year old daughter has a new growth in her neck, after having 2 surgeries 1 year apart in 2006 - 2007 to remove a recurring blood/fluid filled semi solid cystic growth, then years later removal of an enlarged gland & scar tissue.  During the last surgery (about 4 years ago) a salivary gland & a vein were both nicked.  She is terrified of another surgery.  Her doc has ordered both a cat scan & an ultrasound asap, before he does a biopsy. She's also had 2 c-sections, the 1st time, due to misunderstanding by a new foreign doctor of US procedures,she went hours post surgery without strong pain meds until I badgered the staff to contact her supervising doc. She also suffers from recurring (chronic) Lyme disease, heart valve issue from undiagnosed strep infection, fibromyalgia, extensive osteoarthritis, in need of a knee replacement, migraines, an anxiety problem which has caused her to disfigure herself by picking (she experienced severe bleeding last year when she picked so deeply between her eyebrows she was afraid to tell me. Her bloody towels were a testament to the blood loss. She has even more health issues too.  Anybody go through anything like this?  Evidently the doc says it's too high for thyroid regrowth or scar tissue on the old incisions.  My 39 year old nephew just passed from pancreatic cancer, my 64 year old brother was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, my niece had thyroid cancer, a cousin had testicular cancer, a cousin's daughter had brain cancer & another cousin's grandson had brain cancer.  All in the past 15 years.  Any input would be appreciated.  
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