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Are my Blood Results Really Normal?

Hi All - I received my blood results (Have not been to a Dr just got tested myself) and according to my test my Thyroid is fine.

Free T4 is 10.1 pmol/L (says normal is 7.2-16.4 pmol/L)
TSH is 1.04 mIU/L (says normal is 0.37-3.50 mIU/L)

From my research though, my TSH is normal but my Free T4 is low?

I am nearly 26, Had my son at 18. I was always very skinny but after having my son the weight packed on. I am only 10kg over weight but eat relatively healthily and feel my weight should be lower - I do exercise (I ride horses 4 times a week) and other than that these are my Health issues which may or may not be Hypothyroid related:

Sensitivity to cold
dry hair and dry skin
Itchy Skin on legs and scalp
Thin Hair/Hair loss - not dramatic though
Thin Nails/Flakey
Thinning of eyebrow ends
Extreme Irritability
Almost Zero Sex drive
Fatigue - I sleep very very well, but always wake up groggy and tired - I could sleep forever
Poor concentration/zoning out/forgetting things (literally 2 secs after I think of something I need to check my schedule again because I forgot!)
Inability to Remember things that happened in my past or details of events
Heavy Menstrual Flow - I am on the pill though so it is regular
Recently, I throw up almost every time I drink alcohol
Pins & needles and poor blood flow in legs
Very little sweating even after exercise
Occasional Blurred Vision
Mood Swings
Mild Panic Attacks

And lastly - I am starting to hate being around people. I just want to be alone - Depression?

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