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CT and needle biopsy

Thanks For your replies to my questions.  Now, I need to ask if it is routine for a Dr. to go ahead and schedule at CT scan back to back with a biopsy. My biopsy is today and the CT scan Monday.Do you think he is suspicious of something bad or is this routine. Thanks
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First off good luck today and Monday with your teat.  Hope you come back with results and positive ones at that.

I don't know if I will be answering your questions or not, but I'll give you my input from what I have read. Hopefully some one with experience will come along and give their's.

Different test relates to different issues or nodule conditions. So certain test need to be done to tell the whole story.
CT scan isn
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Thank you for your help  Trying now to put it all together. You hsve duch s broad knowlege about the thyroid
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