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Can Thyroid Nodules cause Ear Pressure?

I've had pressure on my ears and neck under the jaw coming from  my throat for about 3 weeks by now. A year ago a "not cold" nodule was found in my thyroid. Recently, I have had ultrasound done again. It shows that I have already 2 nodules (6mm and 7mm) now. The physician says that I should do nothing about those nodules, just observe. But that pressure on my ears really interferes with my every-day life. Is it possible to reduce it somehow? Do I still have to go to endocrinologist despite of what my physician says? I also have GERD caused by esophagal hernia, and my ENT doctor says that this ear pressure comes from down below, i.e. my inflamed esophagus. She prescribed me Nexium, Claritin-d, Mucinex-D, Nasonex and antibiotic Levaquin which I am taking now, but annoying ear pressure (and also a lump in the throat) are still there. Can you help me?  

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I just posted the SAME issues, jaw discomfort, throat lump, ear pressure...I feel like I need to pop my ears constantly.  My jaw tingles a little....like when you smell pickles or other food that makes you glick!  :-)  I also have a strange dull pain that radiates in my neck, up my jaw line and up to the ear canal along with a lump in my throat.  Like a lingering bruise rather than sharp pain.  

I somewhat expect these symptoms as I have a several large nodules (2 and 3cm+) in both lobes and significant growth of my isthmus (now 6mm in AP thickness).  My labs are normal so, I am thinking this is just growth of my multi nodular goiter pressing on other systems in the area such as nerves and blood supply.

I have an Endo and would recommend having one as they know much more about the thyroid system and the chemicals we produce and need to keep the body humming.  Did you have blood work done?  Any hyper or hypo symptoms along with the ear and throat issues?

Hang in there....I am hoping someone can provide some ideas for relief too!
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Thank you Kate. I'll hang in here. Meanwhile if you're interested, I read yesterday about goiters (which I don't have). They say you can get rid of goiter without running to a doctor. Go to http://www.howtogetridofstuff.com/health/how-to-get-rid-of-goiters.
Thanks for your advice, I am going to see gastroentherologist, and I did not have my blood test, but I'll do this. Your nodules seem to be rather big, what's the prognosis of your doctor?
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Total Thyroidectomy schedule 13 days from now.  I am growing too fast and have some symptons of compression so, they are going to yank it.  Had a biopsy of one of the nodules 8 months ago and it came back benign but, FNA targest only a small portion of the nodule so, due to rapid growth and current sizes of multiple nodules we are going to get aggressive.  They will test the entire thyroid for malignancy and we will go from there!  I am ready for the surgery, I have these headaches and discomfort that seems to get worse by the day.  Strangely enough, I don't have symptoms of hypo or hyper and my levels are all within range.  That will surely change when I have the surgery and begin synthyroid.  I will check out the site....I am always interested in alternatives!  Thanks!  Hang in there and let me know if you find some relief!
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Good luck with your surgery, I'll pray for you. Is biopsy painful?
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I didn't find it painful at all; just had a small bruise after.  It is performed with a needle and mine was sonogram guided; which I got to watch on a monitor.  It was interesting!  As biopsies go...it was easy!  The wait for the results is about a week so, that was far more uncomfortable.
GERD could easily cause many of the same symptoms so, it is wise to see your gastroenterologist.  
Thank you for your prayers; I appreciate it very much.
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Hi there. I too have a strange ear phenom happening. 2 days after my right thyroidectomy (due to a 2cm  nodule that biopsy showed hurthle cells, plus 3 little ones), I lost my hearing (35% of it) in my right ear with a beeping sound at the ends of peoples words as well. Ent put me on prednisone and it came back in a few days. 3 weeks later, lost it again, this time paired with terrible stabbing pain in my left ear. Ent is confused with no answers, except, prednisone taper again, which again is working. Here is the thing: even though my big nodules were benign, there was a tiny one, 2mm, that was papillary carcinoma. Now I have done hours of research and have found that thyroid cancer can spread to the cochlear ear bone and other places in the head, so my oncologist and I opted to have full body scans w/ contrast because she did not like the earache thing and how the ENT had no answers. I had the last one today, I'll get my results next week. Just my take on it, but I definitely think there is a relation since until June of this year, I never had an ear or thyroid problem! Best of luck to you, hugs, Laura
Any update to your comment? I’m currently having ear issues but haven’t gotten a biopsy yet. Doctors say ear pain/pressure has no relation to my large thyroid nodule. I beg to differ since I’ve never had sinus or ear problems in my 40 years of life. Any updates on if your ear issues went away after surgery would be appreciated. I’m not finding a whole lot of people have this issue. Thanks
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I usually only come here to read all the posts and responses, but i cant believe that everyone on here is having the same symptoms, yet our primary physicians are still saying that one has nothing to do with the other.   Mine started with a full, fat neck feeling ... like someone was holding their hands around my neck.  The the pain along my entire jawline, which my doc said was clogged eustasion tubes.   After 10 days on antibiotics, i went back feeling worse than the first time.  Bad headaches, ear pain, jaw pain, and painful swollen lymph nodes.  I feel like total crap from my neck up ... extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, and constant pain.   I have an Endo appt tomorrow and im damn near having a heart attack as ive been having these symptoms since early December ... its now the middle of January so a month and a half is too long.  My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, so obvious the C word scares the living crap out of me.   This whole thing has affected every single aspect of my daily life.   It *****.   I just hope they dont give me the C word diagnosis.   Then i will have a heart attack.   I just feel like all the symptoms point that way.  very very scarey .... and i have a 9 year old who im raising alone, so the stress of it all is not healthy either.   Guess i'll see what the new Doc says tomorrow.   just keeping my fingers crossed.   Thank you everyone on here for offering your info   :)
Any updates I’m going through the same exact thing except 3 long dizzy spell months with nausea and ear pain. Ent says their two separate issues. I’ve never had ear problems in my life. I have a rather large nodule pushing everything over in my neck. This ear issue and Eustachian tube issue is debilitating. Thanks
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I had thyroidectomy 2 yrs Ago bc of large hurts cell nodule and they left one lobe (r side) and I do not have insurance or $ to pay off ent for
Further follow up and have been feeling absolutely miserable with bad headaches ear pain all on right side burning pain in neck joints
Fatigue depression bone pain muscle aches. Last weekend ankle gave out on me I fell to ground smashing knee. My tsh say they are normal but I'm not feeling well I have had chronic pain forever it seems primary Dr treats me w Norco that is ineffective and I just take so I don't get withdrawals I Don't know where to turn for help everyday I struggle just to get through do not have ins. And a that feel tests I should have to diagnose what's wrong aren't being ordered.'sometimes I feel so miserable from unmanaged pain that I don't want to live like this anymore. It's just very difficult to be sick and poor in the united states wo ins. Any suggestions besides the obvious....
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I have seriously considered moving to Canada, most everyone .. other  countries have better health care coverage, here they just worry about protecting the AMA and big pharma  who get richer.
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I am going through the same type of issue.  Haven't had insurance in a long time because my husband died (we were on his insurance).  About to have insurance in a couple of weeks.  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis fifteen years ago and treated for it.  After years of treatment and not feeling any better but also not becoming disfigured, the rheumy decided I had lupus instead because my symptoms seemed to match that.  Been taking Plaquenil and anti-inflammatories for years.  At that time my ana was positive, rh factor elevated, sed rate elevated.  I have never tested positive for any of the antibodies for either disease though and drs started questioning whether I really had lupus.  Things got much worse about three years ago.  Fatigue was even worse than before, suddenly started having pitting edema in my legs, swelling in my face,extremely high C Reactive Protein levels, chronic constipation, chronic severe abdominal distention and pain, high blood pressure, lots of palpitations, shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, angina, ringing in ears, weakness, muscle loss, feeling like I could faint if I stood too long, intolerance to heat, petechiae mostly on my arms but also some on my torso, and then once or twice a week I would get these sudden cold spells that would cause me to be chilled to the bone to the point that my whole body would shake and you could literally hear my teeth chatter.  I would get under about five blankets and in about an hour I would be back to normal.  I was getting frequent infections but was noticing that when I felt extremely feverish during a known infection my temperature would only get up to about 99 degrees.  It would feel like I should have a temp of around 102 though, and I would always be surprised when I would see it was only in the 99 region. Around that time I started getting bouts of chronic pericarditis which was very debilitating.  Then one day I looked down and noticed that my left arm was totally bald and my right arm still had an abundance of long hair just as I have always had my entire life.  My sister is a hairstylist and was the only person cutting my hair for years.  Right around this time when I went in for her to cut it, she commented on how much thinner my hair seemed to her just since my last cut.  I told her I had noticed that as well but kinda thought I was just imagining it.  She said it was a noticeable difference to her and that the texture seemed to have changed a lot.  I agreed.  Then patches of my eyebrows started falling out.  All of the above symptoms continued and are still going on to this day.  About six months ago though my ringing in the ears got much more frequent and I would have moments where I was experience complete hearing loss.  About 15 seconds later it would come back followed by a high pitched ringing.  The sides of my breasts were staying painful and the lymph nodes swollen constantly.  You can feel the lymph nodes in my arm pits and on my sides around my breasts.  My lymph nodes in my neck became constantly swollen as well.  Im talking every day without fail.  All of this is still going on and for about three months now the neck pain from the swollen lymph nodes has gotten much worse and radiates to my ears and jaw.  It hurts just to open my mouth wide enough to bite into a burger.  There is a constant feeling of someone's hands around my neck trying to choke me.  I have been having a lot of trouble swallowing food as well.  My alkaline phosphatase level was recently checked as well and is low. My mother in law decided to loan me a book called "Hypothyroidism...The unsuspected illness".  I read it and I feel like my symptoms could all be related to hypothyroidism and possible thyroid cancer.  I have had my TSH, T3, and T4 checked several times through the years and they are always in the normal range.  The book talks about how inaccurate those tests are though and that the only real way to determine if you have hypothyroidism is to determine your basil body temp.  It explains how to perform the test at home every morning and that any temp that falls below 97.8 is considered hypothyroidism.  I have been performing the test every morning and my temp barely gets up to 97.  So now I am stuck with the mission of trying to find a dr that will think outside the box and consider that my thyroid could be the problem, as well as do imaging on my neck to check for tumors, nodules, or enlarged lymph nodes.  I have found someone that comes highly recommended and does not diagnose based off of the traditional tests.  He also is a big advocator of prescribing Armour.  He has helped many people with the same issues I am having whose blood tests normal.  People drive 8 hours just to come see him.  The problem is he has an eight month waiting list for new patients and insurance does not cover him because they consider his therapy as alternative.  The first visit alone costs $900.  I went ahead and put myself of the waiting list, but I am still going to have to try and find someone to do the tests I need done right now.  Has anyone else had such an assortment of symptoms who have been positively diagnosed?
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I have the name of a doctor recommended by another member in Norfolk.  Is that close enough to interest you?
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I just read your posts from 2009 and was wondering how life is with no thyroid?

I will be getting whats left of mine removed due to a very big goiter and im nervous

If you still read these and don't mind sharing I would love to hear how you are doing

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