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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hypothyroidism

It's been three months since I had a partial thyroidectomy. My doctor had me off any medications for the past two months. About one month ago, I noticed tingling in my hands. This week, my GP said I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I've read somewhere that hypthyroidism is a contributing factor to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Have any of you experienced a connection between your TSH levels and carpal tunnel?

- viv
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It waxes and wains, but it's not full blown. I go through spells where it feels like I'm on the verge of having it, or in the early stages. Then it clears up.

I've read about it, and it is damage caused by thyroid hormones being out of balance. Fatty lipids or some such are deposited in the sheath that is the covering of the nerves or something like that and something something and there isn't room for it all in there and carpal tunnel develops.

It's all very technical and very few people grasp it as well as I do, as you can tell while scratching your head. LOL!!

It makes interesting reading,
but I forgot all the details. :-/

Google  thyroid carpal tunnel  and you can probably find an authoritative explanation of the process that leads to the problem.  
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Thanks, AR-10! I don't think I could've grasped all of that without your concise explanation ;-)

(It feels good to laugh. Thanks, honestly, for that)
- v
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I had tarsal tunnel syndrome, I googled that and the thyroid is apparently the cause of that.

MY stars.....whats next, hemorrhoids are caused by the thyroid??
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Uh, ever heard of Thoraxic Outlet Syndrome? Well, thank my thyroid for that too! Though didn't know about that issue back in my 20's! Causes much like symptoms of Fibro, pain/stiffness/numbness of neck, shoulders, arms & hands! sometimes all the way to my waist! Yoga/Strenght training have been my rescue! The added support of the surrounding muscle helps to support more use without problems. Doesn't cure it but definitely makes me better to with stand repetitive motion better.
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My wife and oldest boy have that due to a hereditary trait.

I didn't realize thyroid disease could cause TOS to manifest as well.

Nothing surprises me anymore.
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Yes I had my thyroid complete remove last year and now my doctor do the test on me and said that I had carpel turnel symdrom. First my right hand started numb and after that my thum is hurt. And my doctor said that thyroid had a lot to do with carpel turnel Symrdrom.

I do not know what to do because I play piano and I do not want my hand can ever play piano again. Thanks for any  suggest?
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